You may be aware that a new law is being passed in Europe that affects user privacy, please take a moment to read through these terms as they may affect you if you have brought from us!

GDPR gives people more rights over their personal data, and it defines what counts as personal data very broadly. You can check out a complete guide to the legislation here.

It specifically gives people the right to access, correct, delete, and restrict processing of their data, and sets out strict guidelines about customers to agree that you can use their data (aka, consent). 

GDPR also makes it your responsibility to protect Your data, if you do not want it shared or you want your data to be removed from our databases, you have to email us so we can remove it!

If someone in the EU emails us and asks us to delete their history of purchases from Supreme Shop, we are able to do that so it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you are happy with the terms!

Please read our updated privacy Policy which goes into this in more detail!

You can email us at if you have any questions.